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Beautiful Betsy 1943-1945 B-24D Liberator Bomber No. 42-40387
380 Bomb Group The flying Circus

The crash site of Beautiful Betsy. A site that deserves your respect.

You are at the start of a 400m circuit track designed to take you through the site. There are signs along the way that reveal the story of Beautiful Betsy. The walk takes an easy 30 minutes and returns to this point.
For your safety 1. Stay on the track and 2. keep clear of the wreckage.
As a sign of respect please do not touch or remove any items from their resting place

In February 1945, eight Servicemen died when Beautiful Betsy crashed here in unknown circumstances. The recent discovery of this site lays to rest the longstanding mystery surrounding the fate of Beautiful Betsy and her crew.
This site represents a discovery of loss – the loss of life, an aircraft and time. The site and wreckage hold historical and spiritual significance

Items found during the investigation

Dental Prosthesis (bridge), 153 Bone fragments, Personal effects/material evidence, 9 Dog tags, 2 Bracelets, 38 Coins, 4 Gold rings, 1 Aviator's ring, Flare gun with flare, Aviator badge, Bomber Badge, Whistle, 2 Dress Uniform belt buckles, 9 Expended .45 cal rounds, 2 British buttons, 12 American buttons, Razor, Cigarette lighter, 3 Eyeglass frames, Pocket watch, 1938 Class ring Source

These brushed aluminium signs tell the story of Beautiful Betsy.
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